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Survival Guide

Survival Guide: RHV1.5 7" Record (randomly colored vinyl)

Survival Guide: RHV1.5 7" Record (randomly colored vinyl)

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There are SO many reasons you'll want to snag a copy! Not only is it extremely limited to a pressing of 500 randomly colored vinyl, but it's two AFI covers and two Misfits covers! "RHV1.5" is short for "Request Hotline Vol. 1.5" -- this mini album is comprised of song suggestions from Survival Guide's Patreon community (aka Survival Guide Records). Side A is an AFI dance party with "Totalimmortal" and "Girl's Not Grey". Side B is a contemplative Misfits piano serenade with "Skulls" and "Hybrid Moments". On top of alllll that amazingness, each 7" comes with an exclusive "Kat" sticker inside, AND an insert including the list of all Survival Guide Records crew (!

NOTE: Since each record is hand-pressed, your copy might not look exactly like the photos. Every copy is unique!

RHV1.5 is a collaborative release between Double Helix Records and Survival Guide Records.

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